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Best in field public relations and marketing

I have yet to find something that Drew can’t provide to our bank. In addition to his superb writing skills, his pubic relations and marketing talents are the best that I have ever experienced. He has an outstanding network of other professionals that he collaborates with to deliver great results.

Charlie Crawford
Private Bank of Buckhead

Seamless collaboration

Drew collaborated seamlessly with the designer on our Web re-launch project to perform a painless needs analysis and, from there, develop a site that captured both the tangible aspects of our practice as well as the spirit. He did this with good humor, always with an eye on overall project management. Most importantly, Drew continually helped bring focus to our overall business development goals.

Patty Glover
Charlton & Glover

Exceptional communicator…

Drew is an exceptional communicator. He has an innate ability to observe business situations and translate them into meaningful and valuable communications programs and tools. Moreover, he is a solid, honest person whom I have come to respect and trust over the years. He brings stability, honesty and integrity to every situation and client. Not to mention, he is a lot of fun to work with and be around.

Chadwick Boyd
President & CEO
Lovely & Delicious Communications, Inc.

Phenomenal writer and wordsmith

B. Andrew Plant is a phenomenal writer and word crafter, expert in his field of public relations (P.R.) and always a joy to work with, even under stressful deadlines. I have personally watched him turn many a sow’s ear into a silk purse, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen him put lipstick on a pig. Yet…

Christopher Duncan
Managing Member
CDA Graphic Design, LLC

Incredible quick study with precise delivery

I have known Drew for over 20 years and have hired him numerous times for various writing and editing jobs. Each time we’ve worked together, he’s been an incredibly quick study, delivering precisely what I’ve needed with fast turnaround. My employees who have worked with him over the years have also praised his collaborative skills and considerable talent. I’d recommend him strongly to anyone in need of a deeply experienced, high-integrity professional writer/editor.

Jay Matheney
Brinkley/Matheney Marketing Consulting

Strategic business view

Drew Plant is simply one of the best PR consultants and writers I have ever worked with. What makes Drew unique is his ability to take a strategic business view when working with clients. He quickly understands not only big picture issues, but the finer communication implications that clients too often miss. He is a forward thinker with a sense of urgency. His client focus, planning and execution of work is persuasive, informative and effective in everything he delivers. Drew is delightfully easy to work with and is a compelling contributor on all efforts with which he is involved.

Karen Kellow
Drawing Number One, Inc.