Help with Books

Helping founders, executives entrepreneurs & other pros focus, write, shop, publish & market their books.

For book development, creation and marketing, Drew can engage around one or more or all of these steps, a la carte or in packages. Concept/Strategy/Focus, Writing/Accountability, Writing/Editing, Writing Partner, Shopping/Placing, Marketing & Product/Brand Extensions.

Top Professionals

Partnering with founders, executives & entrepreneurs (or their reps) on vital, from-the-top communications, often addressing change + reinvention.

Includes comms related to capital raise, merger-acquisition, deal announcements, planned and unplanned succession, re-brand/new brand…

Outsourced Creative Director

Outsourced Creative Director, providing vision & continuity for Your story, Your brand, Your message.

As client projects demand, Drew calls on an established cadre of creative & communications partners, coordinating their work or connecting them with clients. Includes design, photography, events, social media…

Drew continues to work with a small cadre of familiar clients as a virtual PR firm + occasionally works with progressive political candidates.